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usajobs.govUSAJOBS is the U.S. Government’s official system/program for Federal jobs and employment information. USAJOBS delivers a service by which Federal agencies meet their legal obligation (5 USC 3327 and 5 USC 3330) providing public notice of Federal employment opportunities to Federal employees and U.S. citizens. Technology and program operations offer Federal agencies and job seekers a modern platform to support online recruitment and job application. USAJOBS is funded by agency fees, assessed on a pro rata share of the expenses to run the program. The investment provides a basis of support for the OPM Director’s Strategic and Operational Plan specifically To Build and Sustain Excellence in the 21st Century Workforce, thereby Fixing Federal Hiring. Success and continued progress of goals are tied to the USAJOBS application and its ability to manage integration of other agency systems with USAJOBS – OMB Memo M-09-20 to Provide Applicant Status during selection process. Also, other initiatives intended to address the Federal hiring shortcomings and improve the hiring process for all concerned.”

juju.comJuju was built on the foundations of the first job search engine on the web,, which launched in 1998. The site was re-launched under the Juju brand in January 2006 with new technology, a new interface, and a new team.”

0, a Dice Holdings company, is the leading career website for technology and engineering professionals, and the companies that seek to employ them, in the United States. Our mission is to help our customers source and hire the most qualified technology and engineering professionals and to provide those professionals with the best job opportunities in their respective fields. With a 17-year track record in meeting the ever-changing needs of companies and recruiters, our specialty focus and exposure to highly-skilled technology and engineering professionals enable employers to reach hard-to-find, experienced candidates.”

0 Job Search: Search for top jobs on and get your career going.

“ is the leading media company focused on careers. Job seekers, students and professionals have discovered that Vault is the Internet’s ultimate destination for insider career and education information.”

Doostang.comLand your next best job. Get started.

“Doostang is an exclusive career community for elite young professionals. Doostang members can search and apply to high quality job listings, discover their inside connections to opportunities that interest them, and network with other community members to advance their careers.”



Looking for a great online logistics directory?



Procurement and coordinating logistics is extremely fast paced. It is one of the most important roles within a business, with owners, sales staff and customers relying on you to get the product from A to B as quickly, safely and cost effective as possible whilst providing the best customer service on all levels.

Not having a place where you can quickly go to easily source information required or not being able to search logistics services with ease at your finger tips is extremely frustrating, time consuming and stressful!

This is why an online logistics directory was created. It is a tool that is used by business owners or managers, but also individuals, on a daily basis. Being able to find right logistics service providers by location or services offered, and having this information on a single, easy to navigate website, can save you time and money.


There are several logistics directories you can find on the Internet. Some have been around for many years, others are fairly new. The problem with the old ones is that they were created before the idea of Web 2.0 was born, therefore they are limited to the passive viewing of content, have unattractive design and confusing navigation, which makes them not very user-friendly. Some of the information listed might also be incorrect, since they haven’t been updated for a long time.
On the other hand, there are some new directories that consist of only a list of links to other websites, which makes them also not very informative or helpful.


If you need a good, comprehensive logistics directory, look for a site that provides these advantages:

1. Content limited to logistics and transportation services. It is easier to find what you’re looking for when the site focuses on logistics only, without the information that is of no interest to you.

2. Friendly navigation and easy to find sections of the website. Well organized content and intuitive navigation are crucial while browsing a directory.

3. Each listing provides all necessary details, including description, contact information, links, map, customers’ reviews and ratings. That data will help you decide if you found a company you want to do business with.

4. User-generated content and ability to contribute. When you can rate and review a listing, based on your own experience with that particular business, you provide very useful information, helping others make wise decisions.

5. Attractive design and color scheme, inviting you to spend more time on the site and read all the information you’re interested in.



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