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Cheetah Software Systems

Cheetah Software Systems, Inc.

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  • 31280 Oak Crest Drive, Suite #3, Westlake Village, CA 91361
  • (805) 373-7111
Company Size: 11-50
Year Founded: 1987

Cheetah Software Systems is one of the world’s most advanced operational dynamic logistics platform. It is the only operations solution that not only plans delivery routes, but also predicts extremely accurate arrival times as it adapts, live and automatically, to changing operational conditions. These changes include traffic, weather, accidents, customer cancellations, new stop-insertion and driver exceptions. The Cheetah optimization engines receive real-time events like GPS while tracking all drivers in its operational network allowing its optimization engines to seamlessly guide the driver through every step of the process. Customers, Store Managers and Corporate have a real time, live view of the entire network and its delivery performance for all its customers, allowing companies to be operationally proactive rather than reactive.

The Cheetah platform utilizes street network data from multiple sources including TomTom, Google and its own network in order to calculate the travel time between stops while incorporating historical traffic analytics. Google Live Traffic data and Cheetah’s live dynamic re-optimization occur continuously with every live changing event on the road, resulting in pinpoint operational accuracy. The Cheetah platform has been successfully integrated with its customer’s enterprise technology platforms that support hotshot deliveries. These enterprise customers include the likes of FedEx, Macy’s, JS Logistics, Ward Trucking, Central Freight and Cardinal Health. These system integrations incorporate a variety of operational systems like corporate point of sale, ecommerce, WMS, TMS and accounting production systems to synchronize the entire end-to-end process.

Sophisticated routing algorithms, system flexibility, a plethora of data sources and live, adaptive automation makes Cheetah the most advanced and efficient practical logistics platform in the market today that delivers in the shortest time possible to customers for the lowest operating cost.


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