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Wingline is an independent agent/representative, “not a broker”, for a group of for-hire motor contract carriers providing flatbed, van and specialized transportation services to shippers throughout the United States and Canada. The carriers we represent primarily provide the service through a network of independent agents and independent owner-operators. They utilize both contract and broker authority.

Wingline Trucking, Inc. has been in business as an agent since 1979, and during that time we have provided professional transportation services to many companies, including Fortune 500 companies. Agents have existed long before “brokers” and logistics companies. Shippers can get confused in the real difference between an “agent” and “broker”. As a simple comparison, much like your local insurance agents represent specific insurance companies, a freight agent represents only specific trucking companies. We have an agent contract with each of our carriers to represent them by operating and performing services and conducting business on their behalf as contractually agreed between both parties. There is no way the insurance company used for comparison or the trucking companies we represent could handle all the business from their corporate headquarters. This helps to ensure the customer is getting more personal one-on-one attention too. It is also necessary due to the mass confusion there would be. For example, if the corporate office conducted all of the business transactions, it would be more likely that the customer would be connected to someone different each time.

We, as agents in the trucking industry, operate in this very manner. We are constantly communicating daily with our customers/shippers, carriers and drivers with the aim of servicing our customers to their satisfaction. Many, especially the larger non-asset based carriers, rely on independent agents to conduct business on their behalf. They are mostly independent agent and independent owner-operator based companies. If it were not for having independent agents and independent owner-operators contracted to do business on their behalf, they would not be able to expand and be successful. In brief, we basically handle the majority of the business relationship with the customer. We provide the billing information and the carrier invoices the customer from their headquarters. In the event of an invoice issue, we would get involved for our customer or carrier. As stated, other than the carrier directly invoicing the customer, the majority of all other business transactions are handled between the agent and customer. Any assistance the agent would require regarding a customer issue would be discussed between the agent and carrier and communicated with the customer.

A pure freight broker on the other hand does not represent specific trucking companies. They basically operate and utilize any trucking company meeting their carrier requirement by having only a broker’s license/authority and surety bond. Another newer entity in recent years in the transportation industry is logistics parties (3PL’s, 4PL’s). They handle and offer business solutions in numerous ways, and like brokers, they also utilize any non-specific carrier that meets their requirements. The area is becoming increasingly gray in the bottom-line difference between a broker or logistics party.

The message here About Us is that agents have been around the trucking industry long before brokers or logistics companies existed.

Wingline’s main office is located in Granite City, IL. Please contact us if we may be of service to your company. Also, please feel free to request online rate quotes from us. All of our rates are kept uniform for each of the carriers we represent which allows our customers to make one call, for one price, and more easily fulfill their transportation needs by utilizing our enormous carrier resources. In addition, with our carrier resources and subsidiary carrier resources, we can cover those sometimes difficult lanes that other companies cannot.

Click on the following carrier names to see relationship letters from carriers we represent: Admiral Merchants Motor Freight, Inc., American Transport, Inc., Bennett Motor Express, LLC, Sammons Trucking and The Mason & Dixon Lines, Inc.


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