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Our goal is to be the best online logistics directory and research site in the US and beyond.
We are creating a community, where logistics related businesses can submit their listings, getting access to a highly targeted audience, and visitors can find potential business partners.
Browsing our website, you will find information on all aspects of logistics: list of upcoming logistics events, logistics education programs, links to logistics job sites, load boards and load matching sites, logistics organizations, logistics related articles and press releases, and many more resources.
We encourage you to rate and review businesses listed in our directory, based on your own experiences. Your opinion could help potential new customers make more informed decisions.
You are welcome to comment on any post or resource within our site, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our website and our logistics directory.

What kind of businesses are listed here?

Our directory includes ONLY logistics and transportation related businesses. You will find logistics companies (3PL companies), supply chain software developers, consulting firms, freight forwarders, shipping companies, warehousing providers, and any other business that has to do with storage, transportation or handling of goods.
In order to keep our directory useful and consistent, we screen every new submitted listing to make sure it fits one or more of our categories.

How do I find the right listing?

You have several ways to browse our directory. You can search by category. On category pages you can use the map to locate businesses in your area, or change the sorting of listings list to fit your criteria. You can also use our search bar to find businesses by name and/or location. If you use our search bar, results can be refined and adjusted to your preference.



Recent Reviews

"The folks at the St. Louis location on Hall street are some of the nicest professional people. Not only in the logistics department (Nena and Jeanne) but also at the shipping dock (Charlie). All three of the folks I believe went above and beyond!!!"

"IT! IT! IT! They are a great example of how 3PL should focus on in near future. Client inventory control system is extremely user friendly. And all kinds of integration is possible. Just ask them! It is like computer geeks working in warehouse! Very flexible and humble atmosphere. Great 3PL to start up your business with."

"Very professional on time up to date equipment for routing, hi poles, very experienced drivers. GREAT COMPANY TO HAVE WORKING FOR YOU!"

August 19, 2015



More Resources

Logistics Events

List of upcoming logistics events. Find out when and where the next logistics related event takes place. Links to event websites for even more details.

Logistics Education

Find schools offering programs, majors and degrees in Supply Chain Management, Logistics, and Transportation.

Load Matching Sites

Find a database of over 30 most popular load boards and load matching sites on, listed in alphabetical order. Reviews welcome!


Logistics Job Sites

Interested in a career in supply chain management, logistics or transportation? We have a list of over 35 websites where you can find your next dream job.


A comprehensive list of transportation and logistics organizations. National and international level, state level, and foreign associations included.


Logistics related articles and press releases. Feel free to submit your article if you want us to publish it here for our visitors.




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