FAQs from business owners

Why should I list my business in your directory?

azlogistics.com offers a great opportunity to advertise your business in front of a large, and continuously expanding audience. As our directory and the entire website is growing, so is the number of our visitors. If you want to get more exposure for your business and attract more potential customers, you should consider submitting your listing in our Logistics Directory. In fact listing your company in our directory gives you triple exposure. We post a message about every new listing on our Twitter profile, and that message is also automatically posted on our Facebook page. That means not only visitors to our website find your listing, but also our Twitter followers and our Facebook fans.


Is listing a business in your directory free?

Yes. Basic listing is free. You can add a paid “Featured Listing” option.


What is a “Featured Listing”?

When you submit a listing in our directory, you can select “Featured Listing” option, which guarantees that your listing will appear on top of the first page in your category. Your listing would show up on top and would be highlighted, giving your company best exposure (see example here). There is an annual fee for a “Featured Listing” option. The fee is based on demand, and might change in the future, but the change will apply only to new and re-submitted listings.


How do I submit a listing?

You must be registered and logged-in first:

  • click on the “+ Add Your Business!” button,
  • select a category that best fits your business,
  • fill out a form, upload pictures, decide if you want your listing to appear on top of your selected category as a featured listing,
  • review your listing and click Submit,
  • go to your Dashboard and check the status of your listing,
  • if you selected a “Featured Listing” option, go to your Paypal account and make the payment,
  • if your listing is positively reviewed by us and posted, you can manage it in your “Dashboard” at any time.


What should I include in my listing’s description?

It is totally up to you how much information you include in your description, but we suggest that you write something about your company’s history, services or products offered, recognitions and awards, business hours, payments accepted – these are just some examples of information our visitors and your prospective customers might find useful. Don’t forget to include an image with your business listing. Listings with images attract much more visitors.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept PayPal payments. It’s an easy and safe way to make on-line payments. If you don’t have a PayPal account, it’s free to sign up and all you need is a credit card or a bank account.


How long does my ad run for?

Your listing will stay in our directory for a year. You will receive a notification e-mail before your listings expiration. It can be relisted very easily after that. We limit it to a year, because we realize that your address might change or your contact info might be out of date. Some companies might change names, merge with others or go out of business. Relisting every year ensures that our directory stays accurate, and provides up-to-date information to our visitors.


What if my business is already listed and I didn’t submit it?

We continuously add new businesses to our directory, and if you would like to “claim” a listing because it is your business and you’d like to provide a complete description, simply register with us and contact us, and we will, after verifing your identity, make you the owner of that listing. You can also submit your own listing with a full description first, and then contact us to remove the original listing.


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