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  • Sign up in seconds and update your profile or listing at any time.
    Registration takes less than a minute. After you register you can access your Dashboard, where you can update your profile and edit any listing you submitted. You can add information about yourself or change your listing’s description.
  • Free basic listing to showcase your company and generate more business.
    Basic listing in our logistics directory is free! Add your listing today to get another source of traffic to your website, and generate more business for your company. If you wish, you can choose the Featured Listing option while submitting your listing, to enjoy best exposure in front of everybody else in your category and search results.
    You have a choice of a FREE basic listing or a paid Featured Listing. Both offer:

    • description of your business to showcase it in front of a highly targeted audience,
    • contact information to create leads from our visitors,
    • link to your website to improve your SEO,
    • links to your Facebook and Twitter accounts to get new followers,
    • rating and reviews from your customers,
    • ability to respond to customers’ reviews,
    • map of your location,
    • contact form for visitors interested in your services,

    Featured Listing gives you additional benefits:

    • placement on top of the first page in your category, before all basic listings, for maximum exposure,
    • placement on top of the search results, before all basic listings.
    • highlighted background to stand out from other listings (see example)
  • Reach thousands of visitors searching for your services.
    We offer a great opportunity to advertise your business in front of a large, and continuously expanding audience. As our logistics directory and the entire website is growing, so is the number of our visitors. Our website gives you a great opportunity to reach your target customers at the very moment they are searching for your services and provide them with useful, in-depth information, convincing them to do business with you.
  • Triple exposure: your new listing shows up on our website, but also is announced to our followers on Twitter and Facebook.
    Each new listing submitted to our logistics directory, as well as new posts and press releases are announced on our Twitter page. The tweet welcomes you to our directory and includes a direct link to your listing, making it easy for our followers to learn about you. Additionally every Twitter message is automatically posted on our Facebook page, so our fans get status updates informing them about your new listing too.
  • Your listing is submitted to major search engines for even more exposure.
    Your new listing is submitted to major search engines as they crawl our website for new data. Your listing is basically a blog post that search engines list when an individual searches for related keywords. That’s why it is important that you provide as much information as possible in your listing, since that gives you more keywords by which you can be found.


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