3PL Worx

3PL Worx

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Supply Chain Consulting

  • 1900 N 18th Street, Monroe, LA 71201
  • (561) 574-6361
Contact Person: Jeffrey Davis
Company Size: 11-50
Year Founded: 1983

3PLWorks is a managed labor company unlike any other in the market today. Our goal is to reduce the number of contingent workers needed at any given location by incorporating our technology which allows for a 30% increase in productivity from each worker. We do this by converting those workers to a piece rate model by using productivity standards for that location. This creates a lower turnover environment by having employees earn more than they did on the standard hourly pay schedule and saves the customer money in the process.

We understand that it is not easy to switch from one process to another and that is why 3PLWorx (www.3plworx.com) will provide the staffing at the standard hourly rate that the customer is accustomed to. We then collect our data over a period of time and allow the customer to see the potential savings and make the choice on their own.

We also work with companies that don’t want to switch providers or hire internally so that they can still have the technology without going away from who they already have a relationship with.


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