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Logistics Service Providers - 3PL, Freight Forwarding, Customs Brokers

  • Southern Bozorgmehr 8, No 9, 1st floor, Mashhad, Iran
  • +98 51 3766 6199
Fax: +98 51 3766 6916
Contact Person: Angelina
Company Size: 51-200
Year Founded: 1988

The head office of Barman Tarabar is located in Mashhad, the center of Khorasan-e-Razavi province, which is a pioneer forwarder company in Iran and has excellent connection to Middle Asia and Afghanistan. With an office in Tehran, Bandar Abbas port, as the main ports of Iran, and also offices and agents in all the customs, main ports and transit borders of the country, we have provided a great coverage for your transportation and logistics demands.


– Export, import, transit and transshipment
– Packing and handling
– Warehousing
– Goods insurance & inspection
– Consultation about transportation routes
– Issue of Performa
– Issue of bill of lading
– Cargo collection
– Tracing
– Issue of delivery order
– Arrival notice of goods
– Accomplishment of liquidation with customers and claims reception of foreign consignors of the goods from Iranian consignees and funds remittance to their introduced accounts
– Door delivery , delivery at warehouse, door to door services
– Carrying exhibition cargoes
– Transporting passenger excess luggage
– Transporting goods sample
Road transport:

Barman Tarabar offer truck services to/ from and via Iran to CIS, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, and Europe and vice versa.
Truck types used in road transport:
-Tilt truck for transporting Bulk cargo
-Flat truck for transporting 20’, 40’,45’ and HQ containers and other types of the containers such as cistern container and other containers
-Low bed, 3,5,7,11,15 axle trucks for transporting out of gauge and overweight shipments, heavy -lift
-Special trucks for oil and gas fuel shipment, cistern truck
-Special trucks for Cement

Rail transport

– Presenting consultation services of rail transport routes
– Presenting forwarder and transit services
– Customs formalities , import and export and transit
– Receiving permits for continuation of passing wagons from the border
– Rail transport services from Sarakhs to Iran different stations, Iran ports such as Bandar Abbas and Imam Khomeini port and via Razi border
– Transshipment services of Turkish wagons in Sahlan and Sarakhs
– Rail services and bill of lading regulations SMGS
– Expeditor services and transport route code and all of CIS stations and Russia
– Transport route code for Afghanistan, Torghundi and Heiratan
– Transport route code for Turkey wagons and other turkey stations
– Rail combinational transport by truck to Afghanistan via Iran, Torghundi, Herat and Heiratan, Galabeh to Mazarsharif and Kabul

– Rail and sea combinational transport from CIS to Bandar Abbas port and then with vessel to different points of the world

– Combinational transport from Amirabad to Afghanistan by sea transportation from the Caspian sea and by Rail to Afghanistan rail stations
– Wagon and container tracing
– Auxiliary wagon services
– Goods project transport with wagon (transport of fertilizer ,sulfur ,cotton with different wagons) and accomplishment of customs formalities from origin customs
– Cistern wagons for transporting oil products, oil and gas

Routes by Multimodal services:
-Road & Rail to Afghanistan, Mezar-sherif
-Transport from B.Abbas or different rail origins to Termez in Turkmenistan and then Heiratan border, Afghanistan,…. or container to truck, truck freight to Mazarsherif and Andkhoy, Sheberghan, Dooshi, Kabul,helmand
-Transport from B.Abbas or different rail origins to Torghundi by rail and from Torghundi to Herat/Afghanistan and from Herat to the other Afghanistan internal points according to the customer requests

Sea, Rail or vice versa:
Sea freight from world different points to southern ports of Iran (B.Abbas, Imam Khomeini port, Khoramshahr Port, Booshehr Port and then transport by rail to CIS internal points and Afghanistan and Russia and Pakistan and so on
Sea freight from Caspian Sea zone countries to Amir Abad port in Iran and vice versa and then by rail to Iran different points, CIS, Afghanistan and Pakistan and Turkey and so on
Sea & Rail freight:

Rail freight from CIS to Iran internal points or Iran ports (B.Abbas, Bandar Imam Khomeini port (BIK) and Amir Abad port) and from Iran ports by vessel to the world different points by container or bulk carrier
Rail and Sea Multimodal Transport services are economical for the following goods:
-Cotton, Fertilizer, Coal, Bitumen , Chemical materials, Wheat, Barley, Corn meal and Metals billet and sheet and the other metals and so on
Also we accomplish warehousing services and wagon unloading, stuffing and stacking in B.Abbas ports and warehouses and also customs formalities for transit goods to Turkey
Services- Rail freight, expeditor:

Barman Tarabar expeditor services are as following:

Rail freight services and freight payment in Iran routes, CIS (Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kirghizstan, Kazakhstan), Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey and Syria and Russia and the other eastern and western European rail networks
Wagon tracing in rail different routes
Payments of Axle change and bill of lading
SMGS B/L completion:
Presenting Rail code for different wagons transport: covered wagons, flat wagon, platform and low bed and the other types of wagons
Quarantine services
Other services
Inspection and goods insurance
Customs clearance in entrance borders and on the other customs on the way, transit or destination based on the requested service.
Rail freight- warehousing:

Parsasia rail freight services complete with warehousing services.
Warehousing for transported goods by rail in Bandar Abbas port is inevitable so that based on one of following reasons transported goods store by rail in B.Abbas.
-Storing goods in B.Abbas and then goods sale by presenting warehouse receipt
-Storing goods in order to reach to the considered volume and booking bulk carriers for bulk goods
Loading and unloading services:
Our services in continuation of rail freight up to warehouse and transfer by rail is in the following:
-unloading from wagon in truck
-Truck freight till storage area or goods warehouses
-Stuffing in warehouse
-Stacking in warehouse
-Warehousing and goods protection with safety devices
-Waiting till loading order
– Booking container
– Container transfer from container terminal till warehouse
– Container stuffing
– Container shipment up to CY
– 30 days Free warehousing services
Services: truck freight
CIS: Caucasian

Other countries
Barman Tarabar truck services to CIS and Caucasian countries are as following:
-Transport service to Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Georgia with CMR and CMR insurance
-Goods transit services from B.Abbas and vice versa
– Accomplishment of goods customs formalities
Transport service to Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan by Tir carnet
Transport service to Afghanistan:
Truck freight to Afghanistan via Milak border (Nimrooz) and Islamqale to Afghanistan internal points with private office in Afghanistan

Transport service to other countries:
Russia, Turkey, Pakistan, Iraq and other European countries with Tir carnet
Transport route via Iran:
-Ports-borders-Iran internal points to Milak, Nimrooz, Zaranj, Ghandhar, Ghazni, Kabul, Jalalabad ,
-Islamqala border, Hiratan, Ghorian, Chekhcheran, Chisht-e-Sherif, Ghazni, Kabul, Jalalabad, Mazarsherif
-Sarakhs, Turkmenistan, Mary, Koshka, Torghundi, Herat and so on

Barman’ working hours :

Saturday to Thursday is working days and Friday is weekend in Iran.
8.00 AM to 5.00 PM (GMT +03:30)


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