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Year Founded: 2001

Choosing to be a truck driver can be financially rewarding. After becoming a truck owner, You are responsible for getting trucks and for running daily operations. Now the responsibilities can be costly unless you have enough equity, you will need additional capital to get your new business running.

Purchasing your first heavy truck is likely your largest and most important expense. You need to have a commercial truck, you do not have a business. You have two ways that you can get a semi truck: purchase it with a lease or borrow money.

Owning a commercial truck is straightforward. You must make the beginning down-payment and then pay monthly until the it is paid off leasing a commercial truck can be a little more involved. CF Trucking Solutions Commercial Truck Leasing Bad Credit is structured almost like a rental, in which you can use the truck in return for a monthly payment. Some leases are structured so that the value at the end of the period is a small amount – making the last purchase simple. This provides you the option to lease-to-own if you want. At the end of the lease term, you either give back the heavy truck or decide to buy it.

Each route has has their own advantages and disadvantages based on your individual circumstances. This variety makes giving certain advice not easy to do.
Mostly, leases are promoted as a lower monthly repayment. However remember that every benefit comes at a price. The best thing is to consult a financier who, by reviewing your financial situation and trucking needs, can provide you with specific advice. While using an accountant most likely expensive, it will likely save you money over the long run.


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