Simple Route Plan

Simple Route Plan

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Contact Person: Alin B
Company Size: 2-10
Year Founded: 2015

Simple route plan is a world wide software that plans routes with multiple stops, multiple depots, time window restrictions and more.

You can assign each vehicle a depot and define each of those depots. You can choose what search algorithm you want to run and what time restrictions you prefer.

Our route planner software has been designed with the priority of lowering the number of km transport companies do each day. The software is permanently tested, updated and improved.

The route planner software is capable of dealing with as many depots as needed. Or algorithms will try to find the shortest path while delivering all the weight. You can choose if you would prefer a balanced weight distributions or not.

Reporting is one of our priorities as we find it so important in this ever changing business environment. Good reporting might just give you’re company an edge in reducing costs and boosting productivity.


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