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Megavessels take the shipping industry by storm as demand increases

megavesselHuge vessels are the future of freight services worldwide
Huge ships with a colorful collection of shipping containers have become a familiar sight in ports all over the world. Many of these containers carry not only commercial cargo, but also the personal belongings of people who are making an international move. With the global economy expanding, international moves will become more and more common as companies expand their reach globally.


More freight shipped requires larger ships to handle the increased load
With the demand for more cargo to be shipped across the world’s oceans, the shipping industry has shifted to using huge boats, called megavessels, to ship their cargo. These vessels can not only carry more cargo, but they also can carry it for less. Megavessels are engineered to require less fuel, so they cost less to operate and create a smaller ecological footprint for the companies who use them. Since the cost of transoceanic freight service is going down, demand will rise as more companies take advantage of the opportunity for the huge ships’ capacity for containerization.


World ports scramble to keep up with demand
Not only is the demand for international cargo shipments rising, so is the demand for fossil fuel. With demand for shipping on both fronts rising sharply, the world’s major ports are adjusting their operations to accommodate the needs of the shippers.


Ports must become deeper to allow megavessels access
As megavessel traffic increases, more and more ports are deepening the waterways that lead to them. Jacksonville, Florida, for instance, has a project to dredge the waterways by which ships access their docks. Many other ports are following suit. The Panama Canal is also slated for expansion to make room for these giant ocean cargo carriers.


Not surprisingly, the demand for workers in port cities is rising
As more and more shipping companies are using megavessels to ship cargo and portable storage containers for personal belongings, the need for workers to handle the increased workload will rise accordingly. Every time one of these huge boats docks, it takes more than 100 workers just to unload it and then load it up again for its return trip. Add to that the increased need for clerks, customs agents, security officers, crane operators and construction workers, and these port cities will see a huge jump in job creation.
The shipping industry continues to grow as more and more companies ship goods and relocate workers all over the world. With the rise of the global economy comes a greater chance that you may face the possibility of an international move. If you do get the opportunity to move to another country, be sure that you hire a moving company with years of experience in international moves. With an experienced company handling your belongings, you can relax and learn more about your new home and its culture.



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