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Problem: Running your warehouse requires significant investment in your most important asset; your people. Why are your people wasting their time, and your money, by manually collecting and transmitting critical operational data?


Solution: At HD Trade Services, it’s our mission to unleash the potential of your workforce by providing an automated warehouse receipt and release system that provides visibility to your clients.


Our mobile, and on-demand solution for warehouse management provides a paperless environment for receiving and releasing goods, streamlining interaction between your office and warehouse staff, and eliminating manual data entry.



– Warehouse receipts and releases are completed on tablet or smartphone.

– Shipper and consignee receive an auto-generated email, including high definition pictures and shipment details, at the exact time goods enter and leave your warehouse.

– Inventory Management System gives you and your clients a real-time client specific activity feed along with a beautiful color coded display of on-hand inventory.

– Your clients can use detailed product images from the warehouse to create and email auto-generated product listings to trading partners.

– A log of all transactions and important documents is files digitally and accessible from anywhere website with pictures, dates and times.

– Simply conduct thorough product inspections for your clients using tablet or smartphone.



– Eliminate labor hours dedicated to manual data collection and transmission.

– Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

– Add revenue streams.

– Increase employee morale.


About: At HDTS, we take great pride in designing our products with the goal of simplifying your company’s mission critical operations. We craft our products with an emphasis on simplicity and user experience. User experience begins as soon as you subscribe to our services, and we believe that you should be delighted from the get-go. This means you and your organization will not be disrupted by endless training and change management. Our reputation rests on our unyielding pursuit of simplicity.


When you subscribe to our services, you become a member of the HDTS family. We value your commitment to use our technologies to simplify, organize, and grow your business.


For more information, please call us at 1-888-493-8420 or email us at


Logistics Software for the 21st Century.


July 25, 2012

We are implementing HD Trade Services at our New York and Miami warehouses. Our employees and clients could not be more excited about the services we will be offering once the implementation is complete.

The design and simplicity of HD’s software is remarkable. The usability of this mobile and cloud based system is out of this world. We are expecting to achieve double digit increase in productivity and revenue growth.

Our level of service is being raised to another level. Our customers will now receive detailed email notifications when their goods arrive and leave our warehouse. We are offering real-time inventory management and live streaming product inspections.

We couldn’t be happier with how easy it is to work with the team at HD. They diagnosed our business process and optimized their platform around our unique needs.

With HD Trade Services, we can confidently claim to be a truly forward-thinking Logistics Service Provider.


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