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comfreight.comComFreight helps drivers, dispatchers and logistics staff easy freight consolidation and partial loads, match full loads and empty trailers quickly and easily for the lowest price on the web! This means more sustainability, cost savings on freight shipments in North America and growth for the whole economy!

Freight Matching and Consolidation tool for logistics industry!
Free accounts for shippers and carriers to post! Paid premium account for full access to all tech and tools. Cost effective, easy to use website – direct and to the point!


DAT Connect

0“TransCore’s DAT offers trucking companies the contacts they need to fill trucks and move loads. Whether you are looking to reduce empty miles, avoid costly driver layovers or need to quickly find equipment – DAT can help. With over 25 years of experience serving brokers and carriers through the DAT Network, you know you can count on TransCore to move loads quicker and fill trucks faster.”


CHRW Trucks

chrwtrucks.comThe “CHRW” in is C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc., one of the largest third party logistics (3PL) providers in the world. Our network of more than 200 offices works for you, and will help you identify freight alternatives in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. (FOR CARRIERS ONLY)

The site is dedicated to your quest for freight and freedom of choice. Use the site to:
• Keep your equipment loaded and on the road.
• Do online check calls and status updates.
• Find seasonal freight.
• Get paid fast.
• Grab fuel discounts.
• Register for programs that help improve productivity and manage costs.
• Keep track of accounts receivable from your C.H. Robinson loads.
• Communicate with us and get your load tenders.
• Receive freight alert – our latest long-term freight commitments from shippers.
• Upload your own personally scanned documentation to start the payment cycle.


Cars Arrive Network

carsarrive.comCarsArrive provides an online exchange for shippers and carriers to come together in a trusted and secure environment to transact business. We pride ourselves on delivering a service that’s used by thousands of shippers and carriers across North America.





0 is the premier Internet-based transportation solution for Livestock Shippers and Livestock Haulers.”





Bear Transportation Services

beartrans.comBear Transportation Services is a fully licensed transportation brokerage company operating since 1982. Our core competency is customer service through the use of transportation. Our Logistics Account Managers provide the highest quality service for over 7,000 loads per month throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

We have over 15,000 insured carriers contracted to our freight transport network. We qualify and monitor carriers’ performance, insurance, and licenses to protect the interests and rights of our customers. We understand the needs of our contracted carriers and believe that profitable, quality carriers bring value to the transportation marketplace. Bear’s innovative technologies and commitment to a strong shipper, broker, carrier alliance are taking us to a bright future.


Ag Freight

agfreight.comThe website has been in operation since 1999 and helps truckers find loads to run their operations more efficiently. Shippers of agricultural commodities, such as grain, feed and fertilizer can post their loads on the website for free and truckers contact them to arrange for more efficient transportation of their products.



123 loadboard

123loadboard.comSince 2003,™ has been helping truckers increase their loaded miles and brokers, shippers and manufacturers ship their freight effectively.

Today, we continue to maintain the highest level of customer service while helping carriers, brokers and shippers excel in the trucking industry. By using the latest in cutting edge technologies, we strive to provide all members with real-time information about loads and trucks throughout North America.

As your competition increases, your organization must seek new and alternative ways to maximize your revenues and loaded miles. Use the power of the Internet to increase your business.™ is precisely in the right position to deliver the level of internet freight matching service you need and more importantly – you deserve.™ is different than other freight matching services. We provide you with all the load and truck search options that you need under one flat monthly rate. For load and truck posters, we do not charge at all!


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