International and European Removal Customers and Removal Companies can Finally Find Each Other

Anyone who is moving will know how stressful it is. The RoadAhead and its team have been involved in the international removal industry for many years and this is why the idea for an international and European online marketplace was born. The one thing the founders realised was that finding a removal company was one the most difficult and time consuming things to do. This is why The RoadAhead has developed a website which has now been live since February 2012 to make life easier for people who are moving anything around the world or within Europe to find a suitable removal company. Not only that, it’s proving to save people up to 70% on the cost of a removal.


Removal Customers

The RoadAhead offers removal customers a marketplace for finding rated removal companies. Every company that signs up is vetted to ensure they are who they say they are. It couldn’t be easier post your job by completing a very simple online quote form.

The system will automatically send the removal job through the system so it reaches any removal company that may be interested in offering a price. All of the messages and quotes are emailed directly to you. The only thing a removal customer has to do is ask any questions they may have and accept the quote once they have decided on the best removal company for them.

After a quote has been accepted, a small deposit is paid to the website and the remainder of the price quoted is paid to the removal company. Customers NEVER pay more than they have been quoted on the site.


Removal Companies

The RoadAhead can, in actual fact be used as a personal marketing tool for removal companies. There are features that allow a profile to look as professional as the company behind it. Such features as adding photographs, posting personal profile text and a feedback system are all standard with the website.

The team behind The RoadAhead have thought long and hard about how to help removal companies gain more business and have more of an online presence at the same time. On the homepage there are featured removal companies who gain this added extra when they have received some positive customer feedback from the site.

Any international & European removal company can sign up to the website and since the fee structure is based around the customer, it’s totally free for a removal company to use. All quotes made on the website are “closed” which means no-one else can see what has been quoted so unlike other sites we don’t work on the principal of driving prices down to unrealistic levels. Instead we try to achieve fair prices for both removal companies and removal customers!

The RoadAhead is a very simple but powerful concept which helps removal companies to gain more business whilst allowing customers to get an average of 5 quotes and make savings of up to 68%!

Author: Julie Coburn (G+)


September 29, 2012 |

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