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Appointment-Plus online dock-scheduling software automates and streamlines the dock-scheduling and delivery process through such features as online driver self-scheduling, automated e-mail and text message reminders, and robust record-keeping and reporting capabilities.

The software is accessible through any Internet connection, with no downloads, installations or additional hardware required.
Pricing starts at $39 per month, with no long-term contracts. All sign-ups receive a free 15-day trial of the service, along with a complimentary one-hour training session with a professional set-up coach.

  • Member Since: January 10, 2014

January 10, 2014

When we first signed on with Appointment-Plus, the system worked well. They did an “enhancement” and our appointments and customer records began duplicating. We complained for 3 months with no resolution. We even had been paying extra for tech support. We finally had to cancel the service about a month ago. They disabled our employee logins, but some of our customers had the appointment page bookmarked. The system continued to take appointments after we cancelled. We started having customers show up with confirmation emails but all of our kennels were full. It is almost impossible to get a live person on the phone to fix it. When you finally do, they argue with you. I do not wish Appointment-Plus on my worst enemies.


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