truckersedge.netThe original truck load board for owner-operators and small carriers, TruckersEdge provides excellent value at an affordable price. As a part of TransCore’s extensive freight matching solution, TruckersEdge provides carriers access to the trusted DAT® Network, North America’s largest marketplace for freight loads and trucks.


DAT is the granddaddy of truck load boards, founded in 1982 as Dial-A-Truck by Al Jubitz (also known as DAT Services), a truck stop owner in Portland, Oregon. TruckersEdge was acquired by TransCore in 1992 from Interstate Fax Service (IFS), an Internet pioneer in load board services.

Today, the DAT Network is the largest, safest, most trusted marketplace with 60 million loads and trucks per year.

TransCore’s Commercial Technology Group is a leading provider of transportation solutions in the United States serving brokers, carriers, owner-operators and shippers with best-in-class products. Load boards include TruckersEdge and 3sixty Freight Match powered by the TransCore DAT Network, which has set the industry standard for the spot freight marketplace since 1978.
TransCore’s asset tracking and in-cab communications solutions feature the industry’s fastest response times and state-of-the-art satellite networking.
TransCore provides fleet compliance, distribution and intermodal services, automated carrier safety and insurance monitoring, truckload rate indices for contract markets, and the most popular broker logistics software.
TransCore is also the largest global manufacturer of transportation-based radio frequency identification (RFID) applications with 37 million RFID tags and 58,000 readers distributed in more than 40 countries throughout the world. TransCore RFID products support the toll, traffic management, rail, fleet, access control, homeland security, and parking markets.

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